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When the World Was Under Attack

There had been numerous times that there had been a war in different countries whether it be a civil war just amongst people and its government or different countries involved. However, the year 2020 was a bit different. From almost the beginning of this year, there was a pandemic attack which was named as'COVID-19'. This was some sort of a flu virus that did not only attack any particular country, race, ethnicity but it tried to destroy everybody who came in contact with that.

This COVID-19 actually stands for Corona Virus Disease 2019, which initially was spreaded out from a Bat in China (Wuhan). Since it was during Chinese New Year times, the virus spreaded out very quickly and easily. The worst part about this virus was that it only looks like a person has Flu and Fever, which is a very normal disease around the globe. However, when time passes, this flu and fever start to get worse and creates a shortness of breath. eventually, it leads to a person's death within fourteen days.

Furthermore, those fourteen days are not just fourteen days, that time is called the isolation period. Isolation from who? Junk food, pollution, bad weather? No. Isolation from people around you, which includes everybody even your closest family members. A person who has the smallest symptom of this virus or has even a doubt of being exposed to a person who had a cold or flu has to go in that isolation.

From spreading through one’s hands, mouth, eyes and breathing, this virus took over the whole world and brought it to shut down completely. From poor to rich, careless to perfectly healthy, men to women and a newly born baby to an elderly this virus attacked. The whole world tried to invent a cure for it but failed! and got shut down only to prevent the spread. People were prisoned inside their homes, offices got shut down, air, sea and road transport got suspended and much more.

However, it’s always a two-way street so whenever there's a negative side, there is always a positive side for it. At Expert Writer, we have done some research on what are some positive and negative impact of this virus, especially for shut down of the world.

Positive Side:

Stay Home Stay Safe

Obviously, the first and foremost thing that one should always care about is their safety. By this shutdown, the risk level of catching this disease went low which definitely played an important role in keeping people safe.

Family Time

After your safety, family time is the best time in the world. That feeling of having breakfast, lunch, dinner and ever small snacks together with family. Having your loved one with you all the time while staying safe inside your house is undoubtedly an awesome feeling, which is one of the perks people got because of this virus.

Less Pollution

It has been proven that transportation is the main cause of excess pollution on this climate. By having transportation suspended, there was a significant change towards the betterment of Climate.

Government Benefits

Almost every government came up with so strategies of helping out their people during this crisis. Some of them go like Lumpsum Grants, Non-interest Loans, Bill Payment Suspensions, Paid Offs from work and much more.

Negative Side:

Mortality Rate Increase

The worst yet most concerning impact of this disease was the mortality rate increase in every single country in this world. It’s safe to say that the world together lost control over it. The death toll kept rising day by day in huge numbers. This pandemic was not only giving people a normal easy death but death with writhe and on top, none of your family members is allowed to be around you.

Economy Crash

The whole world's businesses including stock markets, corporations and small to mid-size business faced allot of decrease in their sustainability. Oil prices dropped around the globe, imports and exports got cancelled. People started panic buying which crashed the whole supply and price strategy.

Poverty Spiked

People started to get laid off from works. Day to day earner showed up on streets to beg to feed their family. People with no incomes from before started to get into crimes to earn their breads.


Till this date, there has been no cure invented to actually prove that this virus can be defeated. People are still locked down in their homes and are urged to stay home all the time. In the end, some people are still calling it a Biological war between countries, but it's yet to decide.

3/31/2020 3:46:17 AM
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