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Don’t get killed by deadly AI venom: paraphrasing tools and ChatGPT

Since our ears are familiar with this sentence“AI is our friend, paraphrasing tools can help you to write your assignment as easy as to snatch a candy from a small kid.” Is that so? When it comes to the digital world especially the ChatGPT, a digital icon nowadays, which has changed the trending patterns of writing as well. But this thing must be borne in mind before you log in to ChatGPT, it's just a tool and can't write customised writings especially when it comes to reflections, stories and research diaries. But you don’t need to pay any heed to it, Expert Writer UK is the best online writing service providing a platform that offers 100% customised and original content. Our expert writers are proficient enough to write anything from scratch rather than using any paraphrasing tools such as AI software or ChatGPT. Expert Writer UK ensures authentic, well-written and original content in every academic writing task.

One of the major reasons for having low grades is not the poor writing style but also the copy pastes or the same content. Most of the students either search for the topic on the internet or brush the page with the content. Or, use famous AI and paraphrasing tools just to complete assignments and academic writing tasks to meet their deadlines. But what do you get in turn? Low grades, hours of wasted time, peer pressure and last but not least a total waste of your semester fee.

Expert Writers UK believe in setting your tone in writing, catering to customised writing needs and promising to score desired grades. For this, we have highly qualified and professional writers who write customised content from scratch. We, Expert Writers, strictly oppose the traditional culture of pasting plagiarised content to complete your assignments. Therefore, we always prefer well-researched content. It's not only us who only say a big NO to ChatGPT-like tools but BBC NEWS has also mentioned the same in its recent article on February 28, 2023. Git it reading to know how it ruins students' grades:

ChatGPT, no doubt, is an AI tool and you can easily generate content related to anything. But, just think, ChatGPT is not a human brain to analyse things and write customised content for your academic writing tasks. It only generates information already available on the internet and by combining all the available information from different online sources it creates a copy for you. This will only give you plagiarised content available on the internet in the last five years.

The answer is a BIG NO. It's not safe to use ChatGPT. If your university or college caught you using ChatGPT there is high chance that you might be penalized for academic misconduct, or you might be suspended. This is to be noted that gaining any kind of academic advantage amounts to academic conduct that will leave you nowhere.

As you know that academic requirements are continuously changing. Root learning is outdated now. Professors are more focused on analytical skills and customised academic writing tasks. Therefore, this can only be possible by a human brain rather than using any AI tool. So, there is no way to use academic writing tools. No matter how promising their developers are that these tools will give you plagiarism-free content.

Plagiarism reports generated by Turnitin will give you a similarity report that’s why you see that content generated through AI software like ChatGPT gives you a 0% plagiarism score. Universities don’t rely on Turnitin now, they have plagiarism tools such as Copyscape which can detect plagiarism that cannot be detected by Turnitin. Moreover, universities also have their special AI anti-software through which it is so easy to detect plagiarism content that ChatGPT and other AI paraphrasing tools claim to be 100% original content.

You don't have to be worried about it. All you need is customised and expert services to complete your academic writing tasks. For this, Expert Writers UK is here to write your assignments, essays, thesis, homework and coursework to not only save you time but to have an A+ shining in your transcript.

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Benefits You Get
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