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Different Types of Assignment Writing

An assignment is a part of student work that requires considerable efforts to satisfy the teacher or tutor. It is a task assigned for an individual study to be completed on giving time. Assignment writing is an academic process that develops a student’s literacy. Understanding the difference between different academic papers is important to provide an effective paper:

Essay Writing

It involves the writer in the construction of argument in favour of or against the topic. They require constructing an argument more than presenting an idea as well as to convince the reader from writer’s point of view. It is written in order to answer some of the given questions and creates an argument base on the given facts. It also gives the interpretation, alternative views and evidence.

Report Writing

The report is a detailed writing that identifies and analyses some issues or events occurring within the organization. It focuses on the information within an organization and research findings. Reports are written in concise and short paragraph style. It helps the organization in the decision-making process. 

Literature Review

The literature review is an evaluation assignment of the information found in the literature related to the researcher’s area of study. It considers the previous knowledge, critical as well as a theoretical contribution on a particular topic. It is a secondary source and not an original finding of the researcher. It helps the researcher to understand and to identify the similar studies on the particular topic. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the research topic critically and compare it with prior researches and theoretical articles.

Case Study

It examines a situation of the given case and provides a description of the problem or scenario. These types of assignment combine theories and practices to solve the given scenario or case. It reviews, evaluates and critically analyzes the case using related theories as well as identifies the positive and negative aspect of the study. In the end, the writer gives some recommendation on that particular case.

Reflective Journal

It is an informal style of writing an assignment that makes links between the concepts and understanding. It enables the writer to reflect his idea and attain the understanding of the topic by exploring different theories. It means to record personal thoughts and ideas as well as the reflection in the learning process. It identifies and demonstrates students’ understanding of the subject.

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