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Case Study Writing Guidelines

Case study writing is helpful in exploratory research. Case studies are self-contained stories examining how a customer overcame a challenge. There may be a variety of ways of writing case studies. One way to write a good case study is to use the best and top words on heading. Case study writing is hard; therefore, professional help is usually required. Expert writers UK– are one of the companies that provide writing services such as case study writing, thesis writing and etc. The writing services of Expert Writers UK is reliable and efficient. Although if you are willing to learn how to write a case study yourself here are some tips you should keep in mind.

  • Choose the correct type of Case Study

Select the type, design or style that is most suitable for your targeted audience. Keep in mind to fully analyze and evaluate the situation; no matter what your case study type is. It can be written about companies or even individuals. 

  • Select the title of your Case Study

Now you need to decide what your research will be about and the venue where it will take place. Go through the internet for research; then, narrow it down to a specific subject/problem. Gather information from different mediums; books, websites, magazines and DVDs. Keep making notes from each source.

  • Look for case studies published on the same subject

Review the previously written case studies on a similar subject as yours. Go through the important points regarding your case and try to extract the idea of composition and pattern. Search as much as possible on the internet or in the library to make sure you do not produce a replica of research that is already made.

  • Include an interview

Choose participants that you are going to interview for your case study. It’s better to select knowledgeable experts in a certain field as they give the most authentic information. Decide whether you will conduct personal interviews or groups of individuals as examples for the case study. Interview an individual rather than a group if the study focuses on a personal matter. Gather information about your subjects to benefit your case study.

  • Jot down the interview questions

Decide the questions you will ask and the way you want to conduct interviews; personal or group interviews. Ask questions from people to get their insight and personal opinions on a particular subject to help you comprehend the case better. During the interview, you will also gather some facts that might not be available on any source.

  • Interview people

Ask some questions to accumulate different viewpoints on a similar subject. The questions should be open-ended. Request clients to provide you with stats of using a new product; whereas, other participants can give relevant photos/quotes. This will give credibility and support to your case.    

  • Organize the applicable data; observations and documents

Arrange the data collected while case study writing to ensure easy access to information. Put together all the essential details it in a systematic way so that the audience is able to get the central idea of your research. Formulate the data into a thesis-like statement to help you stay inclined to the important part.

  • Write a case study using data and material collected

Include four sections in case study writing; introduction, background information, presentation of findings and conclusion. Introduction should be impactful. Give possible solutions at the end. Don’t forget to reference your sources. Most importantly, proofread and edit your work before submitting.

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